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How We Work

Here at Connaught Sport Horses we primarily act as agents but also do produce some of our own horses..  The way we work as agents is after speaking at length on the phone with a client (which can include talking to their trainers) and reviewing photos and videos of them riding we develop a full understanding of what a client is looking for. We find a selection of horses from trusted contacts which fit the clients criteria and begin to send over pictures and videos of them -  when they are happy that we are finding horses that 'tick their boxes'  we then look at dates and arranging flights over. When the client is in Ireland we view all the horses previewed (and usually some additional ones). Once a selection is made we can arrange vetting (and X Rays)  with approved vets  and transport to the UK, Europe, the USA or further afield. 


The majority of clients fly to Dublin but sometimes we utilise Ireland's regional airports depending on where the horses to be viewed are located  Normally clients hire a car as Ireland is safe to drive and simple to find your way.  We can help and advise were to book accommodation if required. We make sure the whole process of coming to Ireland  is as simple and stress free as possible.


For our services we charge 12.5% commission to the purchaser - this means we work directly for the client and they are safe in the knowledge that their best interests are at heart. Some agents gain their commission from the vendor, but the purchaser would still be paying - it would just be added on to the horses asking price. It is much more transparent if clients know how much they are paying for our services; which consist of finding a superior horse - here in Ireland.  We also usually ask, as a goodwill gesture, for a deposit of £250 (€300) when instructing us to commence a search which is fully refundable when a horse is purchased.

We always know of a large selection of superior horses for sale so if you are coming over to Ireland looking at horses, do just get in touch as you never know we might just know where your perfect horse is hiding.


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