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Based in the heart of Ireland we offer a unique personal service, sourcing high class Sports Horses for each client's specific needs


Welcome to Connaught Sport Horses.


Based in the heart of Ireland we offer a unique personal service, sourcing and producing the finest quality Sports Horses for each client's specific needs.


Combined we have a huge wealth of experience of competing, training and producing competition horses of our own, and for others, allowing us to accumulate a comprehensive knowledge of competition horses. Through this experience and our exceptional eye for a horse, we have found and produced Zara Phillips' World and European champion Toytown, Sam Griffiths' Badminton winner and Olympic Gold Medallist Paulank Brockagh, Kurt Martin's 4* horse Delux Z (USA) and Francis Whittingtons 4* ride Hasty Imp, as well as selling horses to numerous other international riders and ambitious amateurs.


The majority of the horses we source are not openly advertised and are based with reputable and trusted producers of top class horses. By utilising our services, our clients get access to a superior calibre of horse before they reach the open market.  We can be found scouting at Events and Shows every week allowing us to see the best Irish horses out competing and in the environment they are intended for.

If you have any queries then please do get in touch. We're very friendly and would love to help you find your next horse.

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